Mobile Consumer Survey 2017 – the Nordic cut

More than just a phone

The smartphone is a mere decade old, and is increasingly becoming an integral part of people's lives. Each year, it has become more versatile, absorbing a growing range of functions, and it is likely to be used even more intensively over the coming years, as its capability and functionality continue to increase. While 2017 is an exciting milestone for the smartphone, the best is yet to come.

This year marks the first year of a joint Nordic report, including data from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, making it possible to compare mobile behaviour across the Nordic countries. The Nordic cut explores some of the key themes that this year’s survey has revealed and how they are affecting the mobile consumer behaviour of today:

  • The connected consumer: Smartphone adoption among Nordic consumers is still increasing, and connected entertainment devices are becoming more popular.
  • Smartphone zombies: Smartphones have become a hub of much of what we do, which makes them both trusted companions and hard to resist. Are we all becoming smartphone zombies?
  • Video killed the radio star: Almost half of all Nordic consumers watch short videos on their phones weekly. Virtual reality and augmented reality hold exciting opportunities for the future.
  • Money, money, money: Mobile shopping, banking and payment apps have cropped up across the Nordics. Are mobile phones about to replace our wallets?
  • Show me your phone, and I'll tell you who you are: The Nordic iOS user base consists of more social and tech-savvy young consumers compared to the Android user base.
  • Making the telco choice: Changing usage patterns on mobile phones are increasing the need for internet access via mobile phones. Mobile data will rule the telecom markets.

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